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Welcome to Medical Billing Practice Management, Inc.

Medical Billing Practice Management, Inc. has provided billing and management services to the medical community since 1990. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals, with extensive experience in medical billing and office management for multiple specialties. Medical Billing Practice Management, Inc. is a well known and respected physician billing and practice management firm which provides a wide variety of services to physicians and hospital clients throughout the State of New Mexico, including Arizona, Colorado, California, Illinois, and Texas.

MBPM, Inc. offers a convenient, professional and economical alternative to individual billing and practice management. Through electronic claims submission processes, collections and follow-up, procedure and diagnosis coding and education, payer compliance and pricing mechanisms, the basis for a practice’s financial success has been assembled in one package. Call us at (575) 532-7000 for a consultation today. We can save your medical practice both time and money with our professional services.



Save Time & Money

MBPM specializes in medical billing, payroll, accounts payable, and overall medical office management. We have a complete dedicated staff to provide medical office services. Your staff needs to focus on running your practice effectively and efficiently. Having a dedicated billing service allows your staff to handle the day to day procedures, keeping their time allocated to keeping your clients happy and taken care of.

Worry Free

We know the importance involved with providing professional quality services to our clients. We take our job very seriously. MBPM has spared no expenses to insure that we offer the highest level of service possible. We want our clients to have a worry free mindset and assurance that all of their Medical Office Management needs are taken care of. Our certifications and accreditations prove it. Worry less about billing and collections and focus more on providing care to your clients.

Out of State?

Medical Billing Practice Management offers services in many states. We currently have office in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas, but service clients in Arizona, Colorado, California, and Illinois. Please contact us regarding more information on how MBPM can save you money and give you peace of mind.

Bilingual Representativess

Not only is our staff highly trained and professional, but we're also bilingual. We have many employees who can assist with your Spanish speaking clients. We can assure you things will not be lost in translation from a language discrepancy.